Книга Ranger Protector

Ranger Protector

Ranger Protector
Angi Morgan, HarperCollins Publishers
Цена: 310.53 руб.

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A brand new series by Angi Morgan featuring crime, passion, and hot rangers!All Texas Ranger Jack MacKinnon has to do is keep Megan Harper alive while they hunt down whoever’s framing her for a fatal shooting. But the gorgeous intelligence analyst is too independent for her own good – and Jack’s peace of mind.With a false murder rap and hit men gunning for her, Megan has no choice but to trust the cowboy-handsome lawman. She isn’t used to playing it safe. Yet how can she let Jack put his career and life on the line? And how can they ignore the desire ratcheting up the stakes, tempting them to take one last risk before a killer erases their future?

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